The Cross Gardener

"It's a lovely story: heartening, wholesome, humorous, suspensful and redemptive. It resonates with the true meaning of family and the life-healing power of forgiveness all wrapped up in a satisfying ending."
- Publishers Weekly

"Reminiscent of The Notebook, Jason's latest book is a love story unashamed of portraying values. It's entertainment with edge, heart, adventure, longing, mystery and honor. Romance and magic still live!"
- Glenn Beck
Nationally Syndicated Radio host and
Host of FoxNews' Glenn Beck Show
"Your characters are so real, their back story so convincing and your world so authentic, that The Wednesday Letters feels like a beautifully written personal memoir. Your ability to write compelling fiction is a gift. Your imaginative talent to introduce unique and powerful ideals that inspire your readers and change behavior is another all together. You have both in full measure. I am, of course, writing a letter to my wife of 44 years next Wednesday."
- Kieth Merrill
Academy Award-Winning Film Director
"After my wife saw your interview with Glenn Beck she read the first chapter on-line at your site, told me about it and I did the same. This led to our buying the book this past Monday evening. My wife, Gina, started reading Tuesday and finished that night before going to bed. I started reading last night and could not put it down until I finished it at about 3am. The story is riveting and profound in its expression of the power of forgiveness. I am a lutheran pastor and have always been searching for a way to convay how forgiveness really works in the life of a Christian with all the struggle and challenges that come with it. Your book is the best illustration of this reality that I have ever found."
- Paster Mark C. Hass
Peace & St. Paul's Lutheran Congregations
Slater and Saline City, MO
"I love this. So real. Left me in tears."
- Karen
Janesville, WI
"I very much enjoyed this book. It flows and is well written. The powerful message of forgiveness is very touching in all its many layers. I would highly recommend reading it."
- Yvonne
Edgewood, WA
"Good book. Quick read. I liked the story line a lot, but the solution for the happy ending was a bit abrupt."
- Doug
Battle Mountain, NV
"I loved this book! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me look at the trials and triumphs of life and be grateful for family. I can't wait to buy my own copy."
- Lois
Rupert, ID
"Wonderful, I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to recommend this book."
- Cassie
Cottonwood, CA
"Great love story for men or women. Fosters love of imperfect family members."
- Consie
Cameron, MO
"A very touching story, great for all ages and personalities. You will learn a lesson and feel love whether you're looking for it or not."
- Brittany
"I did not put it down till I finished it."
- Arvilla
Derry, NH